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This woman is legit! Spectacular handstander, highly-skilled acro practitioner, and awesome teacher. Attentive, knowledgeable, and patient. Killer combo for a teacher. Plus, she’s simply an all-around cool person!
— Brandon P. Handstand & Acro Student, San Diego
Becca is a fantastic teacher. We took her acro yoga class last weekend and I’m feeling 5x more confident in my abilities after the ~1.5 hour session. For any beginners this class is a must! Thanks Becca, we’ll be back soon!
— Jordan F. Acro Student, San Diego
Becca is the best of teachers—I came to her workshop not knowing a thing—she was so welcoming and created a warm and inviting environment. Her teaching is very hands on and the way she supports and spots you gives you a confidence and sense of security I didn’t know you could feel while being upside down! She believed in me before I believed in myself and for that I am forever grateful
— Veronica K. B. Handstand Student, Tulsa, OK
I took a handstand workshop with her in Tulsa. I can safely say that I had the best learning experience with her and still practice what she taught. Even if you’re horrified to be upside down, as I am, take a class with her sometime soon. You will not regret it.
— Alex C. Handstand Student, Tulsa, OK
Becca Gutstadt is inspirational; she can explain handstands while doing handstands. She is enthusiastic about the content, and it shows through her practice and her teaching. Becca’s workshop was well-balanced, offering new and interesting drills while including classic training tools as well. We loved hosting Becca in Austin, Texas and we highly recommend her!
— Chris C. Studio Owner, Hosted handstand workshop in Austin, TX