Training Handstands will increase your strength and flexibility dramatically, and develop your overall body awareness.

They are also sure to impress your friends!

Book a Handstand Lesson!

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Handstand Offerings:

  • PRivate/small group handstand lessons

    • Every body is different. Private lessons allow for an individual assessment of your specific body to help you find your best handstand line.

  • 2-hour handstand alignment workshop

    • This 2-hour workshop explains, from hands to toes, what each part of the body should be doing in order to find a straight, strong handstand line, and offers participant related drills to build the strength to hold it without the help of the wall. Bring us to your gym or studio to teach your members about handstand technique, we promise they will thank you!

  • Online handstand evaluation/coaching sessions

    • Don’t live close enough for in person handstand training? Not to worry! Via Skype sessions, we can go over the technical information you need to know to start training handstand independently, and we will give you the drills you need to get you there!


For more information on the above offerings, CONTACT US!